Signing Bonuses At SFI Join Now while it last!


Effective immediately, we've added a very exciting new incentive for all new SFI affiliates: SIGNING BONUSES!

What's a Signing Bonus (SB)? Like the name suggests, it's a bonus you now qualify for when you sign up with SFI.

All new affiliates will now immediately be eligible to earn $20 just for joining SFI!

The SB amount increases to $40 for those who qualify for Fast-Track Silver. And for those who qualify for Fast-Track GOLD, the SB increases to $100!

Signing Bonuses will be paid out with regular commissions--paid as a percentage (3%) of your regular commission earnings for a maximum of 18 months.

Example: Your regular commissions for the month are $400. Hence, $12 (3% of $400) of your SB would be added, for a total earnings of $412. Each month, you'll receive a portion of your total SB until it is fully* paid.

*Any remaining SB balance after 18 months is forfeited.

Signing Bonuses will be automatically awarded to all new affiliates joining SFI as of Thursday, November 19, 2015.

For those who joined SFI prior to November 19th, you will also receive the $20 SB into your account if you've not yet qualified as an EA (Executive Affiliate).

Yes, we just deposited over $17,000,000 (17 million dollars) into the SB accounts of thousands of SFI affiliate worldwide--many of whom might be in YOUR downline and now have an extra incentive to get active!

And for every affiliate who joined SFI prior to November 19, 2015, don't worry, we haven't forgot about you! We will also be providing you with an opportunity to earn a SB of up to $100, too! Be watching for a future announcement with these details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because it is redundant of the current $10 Bronze Bonus, we are discontinuing the Bronze Bonus, effective immediately. Note that if you qualified for the Bronze Bonus in October 2105 (or in a previous month but have not yet taken payment), you will still receive the Bronze Bonus.



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